Uninterruptible Power Supply Kulon Q-1000/12 V3.0 (pre-order only)


The main task of uninterruptible power supplies Kulon Q is to provide machinery or equipment with uninterrupted power supply by converting 12V voltage from batteries to 220 / 230V to power the load. Depending on the power of consumers and the capacity of the battery, the autonomous operation of the Coulomb from the battery when disconnected from the network can be of different duration.

The Kulon Q UPS is ideal for providing backup power to gas boilers and circulation pumps, small household and audio / video equipment, lighting, automation systems, video surveillance, alerts and other security systems (fire, burglar, access control).

The main advantages of this device are:

– adjustable charging current of an external battery from 5 to 30A (600/1000 W models) and up to 18A (300/180 W model)
– output voltage waveform – pure sine wave

– the possibility of 1.5 times overload within 15 seconds to start motors or motors
– built-in overload protection
– possibility of cold start
– use of external high-capacity batteries

– type of construction standby (600/1000 W) or line interactive (300/180 W)

Rated power 1000 W / VA
Output current waveform pure sine wave
Voltage of the grid-to-inverter junction 170-250 V
Inverter-to-grid junction voltage 175-245V
Transfer times mains-inverter and inverter-mains no more than 20 ms
Accuracy of maintaining the output voltage 230V +/- 5%
Recommended Battery Capacity 50 ... 400 Ah
Battery Nominal Voltage 12V
UPS type standby
Output current (in inverter mode) 4.3 A
Output Frequency 50 Hz quartz crystal
Efficiency in inverter mode 82%
Cos γ load permissible 0.5-1.0
Output current waveform distortion <3%
Electronic overload protection threshold 1100W / 1100VA
DC bus operating voltage range 10.5-14V
DC Bus Fuse 160 A
Current consumed at idle speed (no more) 1.2 A
Lower limit for disconnecting the charger by mains voltage 170V
Upper limit of charger disconnection by mains voltage 250V
Cold start capability yes
Recommended type of AB sealed lead acid
Overheating protection yes
Overload protection yes
Protection against deep battery discharge yes
Output Connector Type euro socket (SHUKO)
Ambient temperature during operation 0 0 C - +40 0 C
Ambient storage temperature -10 0 C - +50 0 C
Weight, no more 8 kg
Overall dimensions, no more 385x235x130

1 year from the date of sale, but not more than 2 years from the date of production

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