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Research and Production Company “ELEKS” is an engineering company specializing in the development and production of electrical equipment that improves the quality and reliability of power supply to household and industrial facilities.

The technological capabilities of the enterprise allow organizing a full cycle of production of manufactured products without resorting to third-party contractors, which has a positive effect on the quality and price of manufactured products.

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The creation of Eleks Engineering™ stabilizers

The implementation of the idea of ​​creating a new product begins with the design office, which develops all the necessary design documentation. During the existence of the enterprise, the design bureau has accumulated extensive experience in the development of electrical equipment of any complexity.

When developing design documentation, software systems with 3D modeling are used, which allow to reduce design time, ensure high quality drawings and eliminate design errors.

An important feature is the ability to transfer files from 3D modeling systems to the production workshop for execution on CNC machines, which significantly speeds up the process of manufacturing parts.

Robot coordinate-perforating machines provide a flexible implementation of a number of tasks in the workplace.

These machines are used both for processing simple parts and for serial production of bodies of products with complex geometric shapes with consistent shaping, creating a perfect surface and smooth edges.

It should be noted that for the production, the enterprise uses cold-rolled structural steel of the highest quality, which is used for the manufacture of cases for premium equipment.

Press brakes of the enterprise allow forming complex parts of product bodies with minimal tolerances and are usually used in production to obtain products that are ideal in quality and accuracy, as well as when performing bending operations for a large number of products of the same type.

The bodies of the products are painted with high-quality powder enamel in special chambers.

Before painting, each body goes through the process of degreasing, phosphating and drying, and after painting, the products are sent to the drying chamber for subsequent polymerization.

For the production of cooling radiators, a special aluminum alloy is used, which has greater strength, wear resistance, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

With the help of a special casting machine, the enterprise produces complex-shaped aluminum products.

The result is a high-quality needle radiator, which, with a minimum volume, has a maximum effective dissipation area. the surface area of ​​such a heat sink is equal to the sum of the areas of each pin and the area of ​​the main body.

Own development and manufacture of toroidal transformers can create equipment for various purposes without resorting to third-party vendors.

High quality transformer steel is used for toroid cores, and aluminum wire is used for winding.

To automate the process of assembling control and display printed circuit boards at the enterprise, SMD components surface mount machines are used.

The use of these devices makes it possible to reduce the weight and dimensions of printed circuit boards, improve the electrical characteristics for signal transmission, increase manufacturability and maintainability, and also significantly reduce the cost of printed circuit boards.

The final assembly of products is carried out manually in the assembly shop of the enterprise in compliance with a certain sequence of connecting the main units, in accordance with the technical regulations.

Each device is marked and has its own unique serial number, which is later used to record the technological history of its production. The quality control of the assembly and the main parameters of the product are checked by the technical control department.

The device assembled and packed in the original box is sent to the warehouse of finished products.

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