Three-phase voltage stabilizer HERTZ-PRO U 16-3/160 v3.0


The three-phase voltage stabilizer Hertz-PRO is designed to operate in electrical networks with voltage fluctuations from 150 to 260V. In this range, the device is guaranteed to deliver a voltage at the output within 220 ± 2.3%, which is ensured through the use of 16 stabilization steps, respectively. The Hertz-PRO model range in terms of power can be 66, 83 and 106 kW, which corresponds to an operating current of 100, 125 and 160A per phase.

The features of this stabilizer include a double LED indicator per phase, a linear loading strip, the presence of a mechanical transit (bypass), floor-standing design, the presence of input and output filters to protect against high-frequency interference, silent operation due to the use of toroidal transformers and thyristor switches.

If it is necessary to obtain a voltage different from 220V in Hertz at the output of the stabilizer, there is a function of adjusting this value in the range of 200-230V. In manual mode, you can change the output voltage in 1V steps. In this case, the changes will be applied simultaneously to all phases.

The Hertz-PRO stabilizer has the ability to manually adjust the lower shutdown threshold (60-135V). This function is in demand for a load with high inrush currents, at startup of which a strong voltage drop and emergency shutdown of the stabilizer are possible. When this option is activated, the stabilizer will make it possible to start any engine or pump within a minute, even if the voltage drops to 60V in the network.

The built-in phase synchronization mode will instantly disconnect a three-phase load, protecting it from power outages and loss of power on phases (one or two). This function is manually operated and therefore can be disabled at any time. In this case, the phases will work independently of each other.

It is recommended to install and operate the Hertz-PRO stabilizer in dry and heated rooms. This unit is designed for floor standing installation. The connection is made to the existing wiring through the terminal block.

Operating current, A 3 × 160
Rated power, kVA / kW 106
Number of stabilization steps 16
Key type thyristor
The efficiency of the stabilizer is not lower,% 98
Active power consumption at idle, no more, W 20
Nominal output voltage, V 220
Minimum operating input voltage, V 100
Maximum input operating voltage, V 280
Adjustment of the lower threshold of shutdown, V 60-135
Output voltage regulation, V 200-230
Stabilization accuracy,% 2.3
Response time to changes in input voltage, ms 20
Power supply frequency, Hz 45-65
Input Current and Apparent Power Measurement yes
Short-circuit and overload current limitation input circuit breaker with C-characteristic electromagnetic protection
Mechanical Bypass yes
Network and Stabilizer Condition Analyzer yes
Duplicate overvoltage protection yes
Microcontroller control yes
Input choke yes
Output choke yes
Overheating protection yes
Minimum cable cross-section for connection, mm² 16
Maximum cross-section of cable conductors for connection, mm² 40
Forced Cooling two speed fan
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 1280х384х779
Weight, kg, no more 265
Warranty, years 7
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